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Backyard Birding

Birdwatching close to home

Backyard Bird Feeding
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We do most of our birding and wildlife watching in our own backyards, with a focus on attracting birds through providing cover, water, and food. Share your stories, ideas, make suggestions, ask questions!

Feel free to use this questionnaire as your introductory post to the community (completely optional!):

Backyard Birding's Member Questionnaire:

1) Your age or age range:
2) Where you live (as general or specific as you wish):
3) City, suburban, rural, or ???
4) Your general landscape (i.e. wooded, prairie, etc.):
5) How many birdfeeders do you maintain in cold weather months?
6) Do you use a birdbath? Put up birdhouses?
7) How long have you been feeding the birds?
8) Do you feed year-round?
9) Do you keep a list of the birds you attract?
10) What are your favorite website(s) and/or book(s) on the subject of birdfeeding?