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Backyard Birding [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Backyard Bird Feeding

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Bird Identification [Feb. 11th, 2009|10:38 pm]
Backyard Bird Feeding
[mood |sleepysleepy]

I didn't see this bird in my yard, but in the river near where I live, hanging out with the ducks. It looked somewhat like this, but it was black and white and the feathers on it's head  and it was taller than this bird. Any clues?

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New Member Questions [Feb. 6th, 2009|08:58 pm]
Backyard Bird Feeding
Hello everyone, I'm new here and I am new to the Michigan, so I'll need some tips about the birds here and what they like to eat. Here is the answers to the new members questionnaire

1) Your age or age range: 56

2) Where you live: In northern Michigan

3) City, suburban, rural, or ???? Suburban

4) Your general landscape (i.e. wooded, prairie, etc.): Residential, near Lake Huron, flat open backyard with three old oak trees.

5) How many birdfeeders do you maintain in cold weather months? One

6) Do you use a birdbath? Put up birdhouses? No

7) How long have you been feeding the birds? Here, just recently.

8) Do you feed year-round? No, just in the winter, early spring and the fall.

9) Do you keep a list of the birds you attract? I intend to.

10) What are your favorite website(s) and/or book(s) on the subject of birdfeeding? I really don't have any.
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Startling Starling Explosion [Dec. 7th, 2007|08:52 am]
Backyard Bird Feeding

[Current Location |The Jonestead]
[mood |curiouscurious]

Ok, it wasn't that dramatic, but fun to type!

My hubby and I just started birdwatching this summer, and within the last month I'm finding our seed, suet and peanut feeders are overrun with starlings! They seem to bully the smaller birds and are great hogs. Should I be concerned? Is there anything I can do to discourage them or since we haven't seen them until now is this just a seasonal change?

We live in Cincinnati, Ohio. :)
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Feeders Placement [Nov. 30th, 2007|12:52 pm]
Backyard Bird Feeding
I somewhat new to feeding the birds and I have a question. Where is the best place to position a bird feeder? Most of the birds we get are ground feeders, so should my feeders be low to the ground?  Thanks.
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Project FeederWatch [Nov. 10th, 2007|07:28 pm]
Backyard Bird Feeding

Is anyone else participating in Project FeederWatch this year?


Today is the first day for data entry for this season, but I can't get started until next Friday. My consecutive count days will be Friday and Saturday.
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Getting the feeders ready for fall... [Sep. 16th, 2007|05:10 pm]
Backyard Bird Feeding

Today I went to the garden center and bought a 25-lb. bag of sunflower seed, now that we are getting into fall. I maintain one feeder over the summer, but they don't empty it too quickly and I don't want to keep a lot of seed on hand in the hot weather. So I started with the 25 lb. today, and will need a 50 lb. bag about a month from now--then regularly over the winter.

I also picked up some of the larger-sized seed/suet cakes. I found a bigger cage feeder at a garage sale this summer and am giving it a try. Still have a small cage up, though, because I like to make cakes that fit in that one.

I have the tube feeder filled with sunflower, as well as the wire mesh sunflower feeder that worked well last winter. The squirrels still eat from it, but it takes them longer than a hopper or tube. I do have one hopper feeder and a hanging tray feeder yet to put up. I'll wait a little while on those and decide where/if I want to use them. I might use the tray one for the squirrels again, as that seems to keep them away from the other feeders a bit.

The chickadees were all over, scolding me for not getting the feeders up fast enough to suit them! I love when they go into 'cold weather' mode and become friendlier than they are over the summer. They live here all year, but you don't see a lot of them while they're nesting, even at the feeders.

The downy woodpeckers are showing up regularly each morning at the suet again. I do see them once in a while in the summer, but now they'll be daily visitors.

Other than that, it's been the usual cardinals, finches, and sparrows.

The last couple of nights were chilly, in the 30s, but we're supposed to get back up in the 80s this week. It'll be up and down like that now for the next month or so.
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Guido, the bouncer [Sep. 4th, 2007|03:26 pm]
Backyard Bird Feeding

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This big guy has taken up residence at the top of one of our feeders. There was a different bird that used to "own" these three feeders, but this guy just moved in on Sunday and has been sitting here all day. I can see their little aerial dogfights out of my kitchen window...very entertaining. Although i do feel bad for the previous bird who lost his post, you have to admire Guido's moxy.
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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2007|09:59 am]
Backyard Bird Feeding

1) Your age or age range:
I'm in my 30's.
2) Where you live (as general or specific as you wish):
Austin, Texas
3) City, suburban, rural, or ???
4) Your general landscape (i.e. wooded, prairie, etc.):
Wooded, but not heavily, with some green area behind my house.
5) How many birdfeeders do you maintain in cold weather months?

I generally maintained one, but I've "branched" out this summer and fully plan to maintain more this winter.
6) Do you use a birdbath? Put up birdhouses?
I'm planning in expanding into birdhouses over the winter to get ready for next year's nesting season.  That is, if I can get my house sparrow problem under control.  I don't really know what to do about them.  I've got no problem trapping them, but what do I do with them once they're caught.  My husband's dead set against killing them, but I don't think I can do it either....  I have at least three dozen nesting in my trees. Grrr.
7) How long have you been feeding the birds?
Over a year.
8) Do you feed year-round?

Yes, but I'm feeding a greater variety of foods right now, and I'm planning on doing so this winter as well.
9) Do you keep a list of the birds you attract?
In my head.  I'd like to get into photographing them.
10) What are your favorite website(s) and/or book(s) on the subject of birdfeeding?
So far I haven't done much web surfing about birds.  I read the Stokes books, which I've really enjoyed.
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$5 Suet?! [Aug. 25th, 2007|08:57 pm]
Backyard Bird Feeding

I had to share- while browsing the net for some hummingbird feeders, I ran across a site selling small suet blocks for $5-$6. The hell are they made out of- unicorn fat?

What's the most blatant birding product rip-off any of you have ever seen?
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Sorry for the spam recently, but I just had to share! [Aug. 20th, 2007|04:46 pm]
Backyard Bird Feeding

[Current Location |Eugene, Oregon]
[music |Mason Williams - Classical Gas]

The most amazing thing just happened to me! I just got home from work and went out to water my petunia basket- I was standing there with my arm up holding the watering can, when all of a sudden I heard the distinctive whirr of a hummingbird! It was the same female Rufous that has been coming around and drinking out of my catnip. I stood as still as possible, expecting her to see me and fly off. But she came around the basket, drinking, and flew around my arm! Then she hovered right in front of my face, about 6" away! I could swear she was checking me out! I could even feel the breeze from her wings on my face, and I could see all of her tiny little feathers, and her weeny little feet tucked against her belly! She buzzed around, so close to me for about 3 minutes. Then my arm got tired from holding a full watering can above my head, and I had to lower it. She did a larger loop of my balcony and whirrred off. I was so excited that I'm still shaking.
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