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New Member Questions - Backyard Birding [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Backyard Bird Feeding

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New Member Questions [Feb. 6th, 2009|08:58 pm]
Backyard Bird Feeding
Hello everyone, I'm new here and I am new to the Michigan, so I'll need some tips about the birds here and what they like to eat. Here is the answers to the new members questionnaire

1) Your age or age range: 56

2) Where you live: In northern Michigan

3) City, suburban, rural, or ???? Suburban

4) Your general landscape (i.e. wooded, prairie, etc.): Residential, near Lake Huron, flat open backyard with three old oak trees.

5) How many birdfeeders do you maintain in cold weather months? One

6) Do you use a birdbath? Put up birdhouses? No

7) How long have you been feeding the birds? Here, just recently.

8) Do you feed year-round? No, just in the winter, early spring and the fall.

9) Do you keep a list of the birds you attract? I intend to.

10) What are your favorite website(s) and/or book(s) on the subject of birdfeeding? I really don't have any.